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Photogenesis Camera Club of Naperville is a member of Chicago Area Camera Club Association (CACCA). Approximately 40 clubs are members of CACCA with clubs stretching from Rockford to Indiana. Many, like Photogenesis, are located in DuPage County. One aspect of CACCA is competition.

Every month clubs send images to CACCA where they are judged in Interclub Competition. Score are tallied and maintained each year. Then, at the end of the year, clubs with the highest scores are recognized for their achievements. Photogenesis received two significant awards for the 2015-2016 season.

In Digital Projected Images, Photogenesis received 2nd Place among all clubs. In Large Color Prints, which measure 16′ X 20″, Photogenesis took 1st Place. This is a tribute high caliber of photographers who make up Photogenesis. Congratulations to all contributing members of Photogenesis.

Interested in seeing some outstanding images? Look on this web site for examples of award winning photographs. Better yet, attend Photogenesis’ next competition being held Wednesday, February 8, 2017 beginning at 7:00 p.m. You will see top images being judged for technical correctness, visual appeal and overall impact. Images will be projected onto a screen where all aspects of the image can easily be seen. Winning images will compete in the Interclub Competitions held by CACCA.

Photogenesis welcomes all adult photographers at all levels of knowledge and experience. Come check us out.





View CUBA – An American’s Perspective

Within the last few months, Cuba tourism has opened up to American citizens. Wonder what it’s like to visit Cuba? Wonder what photographic opportunities exist? Wonder what challenges you face in organizing such a trip? These questions and others will be answered at Photogenesis  Camera Club’s next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, 2017 beginning at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Naperville Community Center, 305 W. Jackson Avenue , Naperville, IL 60540.

Photogenesis member, Mike Baker, recently traveled to Cuba and was one of the first Americans to do so since the travel ban was lifted. He will present many of the photographs he took and share what it was like to be in Cuba. He will also give tips and ideas to anyone looking to travel to Cuba. Following his presentation, Mike will answer questions. This should prove to be one of the most exciting meetings of the year. Don’t miss it. 

Photogenesis Camera Club of Naperville is open to all adults interested in photography regardless of their level of photo experience or knowledge. We are the “fun” camera club of like minded individuals who share experiences, offer information and instruction on photography principles and encourages each other to achieve the levels of satisfaction and pleasure that photography brings. All visitor welcome. Join us for the fun.


DPI Competition to Feature Great Photographs

On Wednesday November 9, 2016 PhotoGenesis Camera Club of Naperville will hold its second Digital Projected Image DPI competition of it current season. Members will have the opportunity to show up to four images of their choosing. These images will be projected onto a screen from a computer and scored by outside judges.

The competition is an opportunity to see some outstanding photographs as well as learn about PhotoGenesis Camera Club. Visitors are always welcome.

PhotoGenesis is Naperville’s fun Camera Club and is geared to all photographers regardless of skill and equipment. Come join us for the fun beginning at 7 p.m. .

Editing Photographs for Competition

Have you ever wondered what it takes to edit photographs for competitions? If so, then the next meeting of Photogenesis being held Wednesday, September 28, 2016 is one you should attend. During the evening, members and guests will learn simple editing techniques to improve photographs and make them ready for competition. Even if you are not interested in entering competitions, learning the tips and techniques will improve your photographs. The meeting which is held at Riverwalk Community Center in Naperville and starts at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome regardless of their expertise in photography. Come join us for the fun.

New Season Starts on Wednesday – Take a Photo Tour

After 3 1/2 months off, Photogenesis starts its 2016-2017 season on Wednesday, September 14  at 7:00 p.m. at the Naperville Riverwalk Community Center, Room 205, 305 West Jackson Ave., Naperville . This is always an exciting time of the year and the new season should provide a great balance of educational programs and competition. So what is on tap for Wednesday?
Ever think about taking a guided Photography Tour with a professional photographer? What is it all about? Learn on Wednesday as members who recently took such a tour share tips and ideas on making the most of a guided photo trip. They will tell you the secrets you should know and things to avoid. They will share many of their photos and explain how they were taken. This is a must see if you have any interest in  photo tours or just interested in seeing an outstanding travelogue.
PhotoGenesis Camera Club, “Naperville’s FUN photography club,” welcomes all people who have an interest in photography. Whether you have a point and shoot camera, a cell phone camera or DSLR, you will find that PhotoGenesis has something to offer.  We welcome everyone regardless photography skill level or knowledge.  Come check us out.

Summer Break Continues for PhotoGenesis Camera Club

It’s summertime and that means PhotoGenesis is on Summer Break. The club’s 2015 – 2016 season ended a few weeks ago with its annual dinner and recognition evening. The restaurant originally selected to have the dinner lost its electricity as the club members were arriving. But, that was only an inconvenience for PhotoGenesis members who are very resourceful. They called around the area, found an open restaurant with the capabilities to host our group and reassembled there. The club members rallied together to solve the situation and that cohesiveness made the evening extra rewarding and fun. Among the highlights of the evening were a demonstration of a new scoring system for print competition, the election of officers, and the presenting of certificates for members whose photography excelled in the previous year. A total of 29 certificates were earned by 17 individual photographers. Congratulations to them and all who contributed to the success of the year.

This past year was a year of transition for PhotosGenesis. With the passing of our beloved colleague and mentor Don Plocher, came many challenges for the club. Don was a long time member of the club and a very significant part of it. Most recently, Don was our club Treasurer and Membership Chairman, Chicago Area Camera Club Association (CACCA) Representative, and competition score keeper. As a photographer, Don was top notch. At every competition our club held, Don’s images always scored high. Over the years he led our club in the number of awards he received and the number of times his images were selected as “Image of the Month.” At the Regional level he competed against the best photographers from all CACCA clubs (about 40 clubs in all) and consistently was awarded top honors for his work. And, last year, one of Don’s photographs was selected “CACCA Image of the Year” which is the highest award possible within the photography association. With thousands of images being judged each year, this award truly reflects Don’s extreme excellence in photography. Don will be missed but his legacy carries on. His achievements set a high standard for all photographers to aim for.

PhotoGenesis will launch its 2016-2017 year on September 14, 2016. Details on that event will come later but now is the time to mark your calendar and save the date. Until then, summer is a great time to expand your photography experiences and portfolio. It provides the perfect opportunities to photograph Nature, sports, outdoor activities, parades, family events Wildlife and much more. So go out over the next few months, have some fun, shoot some pictures and enjoy the summer.

Finally, if you are interested in photographing fireworks, check out how to do it successfully. Resources are available to learn how in the blog written on June 26, 2015. Scroll down to find the article or click in the link below:

Happy Summer..Happy Shooting..Stay Safe!

How Did You Make That Picture Look Soooo Good?

Ever wonder what it takes to make a really good picture? Want to know how photos are edited and processed to make them look superb. If so, you need to attend Photogenesis Camera Club’s next meeting being held Wednesday, April 27, 2016 beginning at 7:00 p.m. The educational/program night will feature an event called “After and Before.” And, it is one of the last assemblies being held before Photogenesis takes its summer hiatus.

Back by popular demand, this fun filled educational evening is for everyone. The concept is simple. Members will be bringing in two sets of their favorite images. Each set will contain the finished edited/processed image and the original out of the camera image. First the final image will be shown on a screen and then the original photo will be projected by comparison so you can see how much editing went into the photo. The maker will then share the steps they took to process their photo for it to be competition ready. As an observer, you will learn editing techniques and your creativity awareness will be heightened.

This is not a competition but an opportunity for photographers to share their editing knowledge and creativity. Perhaps some of the tips, ideas and techniques learned at this meeting will improves your photography abilities and vision. Join us for the fun. As always, guests are free to attend.