Using Multiple Off-Camera Speedlites at Live Events

Have you ever photographed an event in a dark room with “muddy” seemingly non directional lighting? How do you light the room using your flash? You can bounce your flash and fill the side of the room with light but only if the ceilings and walls are white! Will that get the job done? It might but the results may not be so interesting.

Most of the bouncing kills the ambience in the room by flooding everything. Your subject matter may not get the attention you’d like for it to have when everything else around it is as brightly lit too. Is there a better way to control the light to get dramatic results?

YES! A simple and economical solution is to add additional light sources. You can use 1-3 off camera speedlites to carve areas of interest out of the darkness with intentional, controlled, directional light. An on camera flash can be fired or left dormant depending on our intentions. Interested in knowing how to achieve these results?

Attend Photogenesis Camera Club’s next meeting on Wednesday, April 26. Our special guest will be Wes Craft professional photographer and owner of Wes Craft Photography. Wes will share his philosophy, general goals for lighting an event space, and walk us through some practical execution. He will show examples of his event work as well as some lighting diagrams.

Wes will explain how to get outstanding results lighting live events such as weddings, parties and other activities. Dramatically lit photographs can be obtained with 1 on camera flash, 2-3 off camera flashes, and a trigger to fire the flash units. It’s Ok if you don’t have 3+ flashes. You can still get great results with only 2 flashes and a trigger.

This information is helpful to all photographers! The lighting principles covered are universal and can be used to capture sensational photographs. See the photograph below which was taken by Wes Craft. It is an example of what you will be taught. Check out more of Wes’ images at:

Plan now to attend this exciting, informative and fun evening. It is a FREE event and is open to all adults interested in photography regardless of their experience or equipment owned. This will be the last major education/program event with a guest presenter before Photogenesis takes its summer recess. Don’t miss this final opportunity.

Photogenesis Camera Club meets at the Naperville Park District Riverwalk Community Center, 305 W. Jackson, Naperville – Room 206. We begin at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome. Please join us.


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