How Did You Make That Picture Look Soooo Good?

Ever wonder what it takes to make a really good picture? Want to know how photos are edited and processed to make them look superb. If so, you need to attend Photogenesis Camera Club’s next meeting being held Wednesday, April 27, 2016 beginning at 7:00 p.m. The educational/program night will feature an event called “After and Before.” And, it is one of the last assemblies being held before Photogenesis takes its summer hiatus.

Back by popular demand, this fun filled educational evening is for everyone. The concept is simple. Members will be bringing in two sets of their favorite images. Each set will contain the finished edited/processed image and the original out of the camera image. First the final image will be shown on a screen and then the original photo will be projected by comparison so you can see how much editing went into the photo. The maker will then share the steps they took to process their photo for it to be competition ready. As an observer, you will learn editing techniques and your creativity awareness will be heightened.

This is not a competition but an opportunity for photographers to share their editing knowledge and creativity. Perhaps some of the tips, ideas and techniques learned at this meeting will improves your photography abilities and vision. Join us for the fun. As always, guests are free to attend.


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