Learn Landscape Astrophotography

Have you ever photographed a beautiful landscape during day and then wondered what it would look like to photograph it at night? What if it was possible to photograph the scene in such a way that both the landscape and the sky could be visible. Imagine an image in which you can see the detail of the landscape and the beauty of the stars and galaxy.  Wouldn’t  this look fabulous?

If this sounds exciting, then Landscape Astrophotography is something you need to learn. Simply put, Landscape Astrophotography is the discipline of blending Earth elements with those of the night sky in compelling photographic imagery.  

An introduction to Landscape Astrophotography will be presented Wednesday, January 27 starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Park District Community Center where Photogenesis Camera Club meets. Award winning and Photogenesis’ very own Chuck Derus will teach the techniques needed to deliver the outstanding images this photography discipline provides. Check out the example of Chuck’s work and plan to attend this very unique meeting.

Rock art boulder copy 2

                      Landscape Astrophotography Image by Chuck Derus

Photogenesis Camera Club is open to any adult interested in photography regardless of photography knowledge, level of experience or equipment. Photogenesis welcomes all visitors looking to improve their photo skills and knowledge in a fun and encouraging environment.



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