PhotoGenesis Receives Awards for Excellence in Photography

The Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association (CACCA), founded 1936, is a progressive photographic organization composed of about forty clubs with over 1000 members who are actively engaged in every aspect of photography. PhotoGenesis Camera Club of Naperville has been an energetic and fun club serving Naperville and the surrounding towns for several decades.

Routinely, PhotoGenesis holds photograph competitions among its members and in several categories. These categories include Color Prints in various sizes and digital projected images (DPI). DPIs are loaded into a computer and projected on a screen. Each month, top scoring images from PhotoGenesis compete against images from nearly forty clubs belonging to CACCA during inter-club competition. Images are scored and individual awards given to top scoring photographers. Club scores are recorded and tallied each month. Clubs with the top overall combined yearly scores are given special recognition by CACCA for their excellence.

PhotoGenesis Camera Club of Naperville, was awarded for having some of the highest scores among almost 40 clubs during the 2014-15 year which ended in August. PhotoGenesis received 3rd Place Award in Large Color Prints. PhotoGenesis also received a 3rd Place Award in Pictorial DPI. Both of these accomplishments are major victories and acknowledgment of the top quality photographs club members produce.

Photogenesis Camera Club is open to anyone who has a passion for photography regardless of their level of expertise, equipment or knowledge. PhotoGenesis is a “fun” club where members learn how to improve their photography and editing skills, and much more, in an encouraging and relaxed atmosphere. The next club meeting is Wednesday, October 28 beginning at 7:00 pm. Visitors are always welcome and free to attend.





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