Photogenesis Wraps Up With a Wonderful Night

Last night Photogenesis held its final meeting of the 2014 — 2015 year by holding its annual dinner and recognition evening. As part of the program, 17 club members were recognized and honored for their achievements throughout the year. In addition, officers were elected and a discussion of new programs, changes in competition structure, and other ideas were exchanged. Photogenesis will take its annual summer hiatus and resume on September 9, 2015. During the summertime many club members will be taking photographic field trips and excursions. No formal photographic field trips sponsored by Photogenesis are planned for the summertime.

This past year has been an outstanding one for Photogenesis Camera Club. It was a record year for new members and overall participation. The quality of the images submitted for competition was improved over previous years and the scores were among the highest and most competitive they’ve ever been. Seven different competitions were held this past year with a total of five categories being judged. The total difference between first place and second place in all five categories combined was only 17 points. In a couple of the categories, only one point separated first-place from second place. That is how keen the competition was this year.

A big thank you goes out to all club members who submitted images for judging, members who helped in the educational programs, and to everyone who contributed their time and efforts to the club. Photogenesis is a solid and strong club and welcomes all photographers regardless of their photographic expertise, equipment, or skill level. There is a true sense of camaraderie among its members who not only are interested in improving their own skills and techniques but are interested in promoting photography, helping others and doing so in a relaxed atmosphere. Photogenesis is the “fun” camera club.

Enjoy the summer and shoot lots of pictures. Join us in September when we start our next season.



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