Fun With Panoramic Photos: Learn It…Love It!

Shooting panorama photos is fun and satisfying. A panoramic photo is simply any image which has two or more shots stitched together to make it appear as one large photograph. Creating a panorama is very useful if you don’t own super wide lenses, as often you can achieve a similar effect. Panoramic images don’t just have to be horizontal, you can also merge images vertically. Many try to capture a full 360° angle of their surroundings. Interested in knowing how to produce panorama photos? Learn how at Photogenesis Camera Club’s next meeting Wednesday, February 25 starting at 7:00 p.m. Attendee’s will be shown how to make simple panoramas, 360° panoramas and even 360° X 360° panoramas known as global panoramas. This interactive presentation will be educational and entertaining. The event is free and open to all people interested in photography regardless of their level of expertise. Visitors are welcome.


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