Showcase and Open House to Usher in New Year!

Photogenesis wishes everyone a Happy New Year. The club also invites any person interested in photography to join them for their first meeting of the new year on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 beginning at 7 p.m. On that day, the club will hold its Annual Showcase and Open House. This is an opportunity for new people to discover what Naperville’s Fun Camera Club has to offer.

Are you interested in photography? Interested in joining a club where ideas and techniques for photography and editing are exchanged? Then you need to attend the Showcase and Open House. The Showcase and Open House is a special time for the club. It provides a platform for members to show their favorite images for everyone to enjoy and provides potential new members a look into what the club has to offer. In addition, there is a party aspect to the event as refreshments are provided for everyone to favor.

Photogenesis Camera Club is open to all adults interested in photography regardless of their expertise, equipment, or experience. Everyone can benefit by becoming a member and all are welcome at this free event. So check Photogenesis out. Join us for the fun and explore new opportunities in the New Year.


New Editing Software Explored

Want to know what’s new in photo editing programs? Looking for an alternative to paying monthly fees for editing software? Interested in simple editing software that gives great results? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to attend Photogenesis Camera Club next meeting being held Wednesday, November 28, 2018 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Naperville Community Center.

At this special meeting, we will explore some alternative editing programs. This is an interactive learning experience with attendees directing the presenter with their ideas for editing images. Whether you want to use suggested presets or be in full command of your editing process, you will able to succeed. Everyone regardless of their editing experience will find this presentation beneficial. Plan to attend.

Photogenesis Camera Club is the “fun” club open to all adults interested in photography. Everyone is welcome regardless of their experience. Check us out. Join in the fun.

Street Photography A to Z

What is street photography? How do I get started in it? Where do I go to learn about street photography? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? If so, plan to attend the next meeting of Photogenesis Camera Club on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 starting at 7:00 p.m. Your questions will be answered.

Richard Kolar will be present: “Covering Street Photography from A (Always look around) to Z (get out of your comfort zone).” He will share his adventures capturing images of people in everyday situations on the streets of Chicago and Beyond. Going through the 26 letters of the alphabet, Richard will share not only his photos, but his thoughts and reasons for taking a particular photo. He will share techniques he has learned from others and taught himself. Encouraging discussion, sparking your creativity and curiosity to develop your own style of street photography are all key elements to this exciting and educational presentation. Don’t miss this event.

Photogenesis Camera Club of Naperville is open to all adults interested in photography regardless of their expertise, equipment or experience. We are the “fun” camera club of likeminded individuals who share experiences, offer information and instruction on photography principles and encourage each other to achieve the levels of satisfaction and pleasure that photography brings. We meet at Riverwalk Community Center, 305 W. Jackson Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540. Starting at 7:00 p.m., find us in Room 206.

All are welcome. Join us for the fun

CUBA-The Return!

Cuba. Some have referred to it as the new photographic frontier. What is Cuba like from the perspective of a photographer? What might I expect to see if I travel to Cuba?  Where are the best photo opportunities in Cuba? These questions and others will be answered at Photogenesis Camera Club’s next meeting, “CUBA-The Return” is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12, 2018 beginning at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Naperville Community Center, 305 W. Jackson Avenue , Naperville, IL 60540 Room 206.

Award winning and published professional photographer, Mike Baker, a member of Photogenesis Camera Club, recently traveled on his second trip to Cuba. His multi day trip produced a treasure trove of photographs many of which he will share on September 12. “CUBA-The Return,” highlights of his trip, is inspiring and motivating, thought provoking and often very humorous. Following his presentation, Mike will answer questions. This presentation will be exiting and fun is the kick off for Photogenesis Camera Club’s new season which runs September through May. Don’t miss it.

Photogenesis Camera Club of Naperville is open to all adults interested in photography regardless of their level of photo experience or knowledge. We are the “fun” camera club of like minded individuals who share experiences, offer information and instruction on photography principles and encourages each other to achieve the levels of satisfaction and pleasure that photography brings. All visitor welcome. Join us for the fun.

Mars Opposition – July 27

Mars in the Spotlight – July 27

(Story from: Mother Nature Network)

Mars will be ‘only’ 35.8 million miles from Earth on July 27, its closest approach since 2003. (Photo: NASA)
The crown jewel of celestial events in 2018 is undoubtedly the opposition of Mars on July 27. On this date, the red planet will not only be closest to the Earth, but also directly opposite the sun and in full illumination. While some oppositions are closer than others, this one is extra special.

“This will be the closest Mars has been to us (about 35 million miles) since that great Mars pass in 2003,” said Regas. “We’re planning events around that date called ‘Marsapalooza’ to celebrate and show people views of the red planet.”

While 2003 may not seem that long ago, that Mars opposition was the closest the planet has come our way since the year 57,617 B.C.! The July opposition will come within 97 percent of that historic close up or a distance of only 1.2 million miles further away.

You won’t see the red planet this close again until Sept. 15, 2035, when it will be only 35.36 million miles from Earth.

Planning to photograph Mars during its opposition? You will most likely need to use a telescope to get the best results. But some of you might have some photographic equipment that will give you reasonable results. Give it a try. Meanwhile, plan to look to the night sky in a couple of weeks for a great view of Mars.

Here are some web sites that explains the opposition in detail.

How to Photograph Fireworks

Summer is a perfect time of the year for photographers. There are so many  opportunities for photography during this time including Independence Day. Have you ever wanted to photograph fireworks but don’t know how?  Below are a few tutorials that should help you capture the fun. The sources are Canon – Nikon & National Geographic so there is surely a source for you to embrace. Good luck shooting the fireworks. Be safe. Have fun.
From Canon
From Nikon


Photogenesis completed another successful year a few weeks ago. The club is now on a summer hiatus for the next three months. Photogenesis resumes Wednesday, September 12, 2018. A special evening is planned to welcome the new season. Watch this blog for additional information around mid August. Meanwhile, enjoy the summer and the many photo opportunities it presents. Be safe and have fun. Keep clicking.